IVE Data-Driven Communications
IVE Data-Driven Communications
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Mail Out Services To Get Your Message Across, At Any Time

Data is the competitive advantage needed to match the reach, pace and personalisation of today’s client's demands.

Driven by data, we provide deep customer insights and specialist marketing technology services. We then implement these through the creation, production and delivery of targeted personalised communications, across every channel — physical and digital. By combining breadth and depth of capability, we ensure speed, impact, reduced risk of data mismanagement, and a greater measurable return on investment for our clients. This leads to better, more holistic brand experiences for customers.

Email marketing that reaches your customers with powerful and effective messages

With literally thousands of direct marketing campaigns behind us, IVE knows how to boost your marketing power using personalised and measurable emails. And with mass personalisation available at a low cost, our campaigns can deliver an exceptional return on investment.

You’ll be able to see your campaign’s open and click-through rates in real-time, and manage responses. Additionally, you can integrate, email marketing services, direct mail solutions and SMS campaigns for even better results. 

Mobile marketing that enables real-time customer engagement and fast results

Connect with your customers wherever they are, at the right time, via their mobile. As mobile messages are checked and responded to quickly, we can drive engagement and provide a point of difference your customers will love.

Your customers can redeem their vouchers via scanning, online, or presenting their phone in person. It’s all trackable, measurable, and provides campaign statistics to improve the results of your next mobile campaign. 

Direct Mail which sets you apart from the competition

Struggling to cut through with your message? Personalised direct mail invokes more human senses than any other media, and we know how to leverage your biggest messages to get greater engagement, increased response rates, and better results. With the rise of digital marketing, letterboxes are less cluttered and ready for your next marketing campaign.

IVE Data-Driven Communications increases your results through the unique personalisation of your direct mail solutions – your copy and images can be tailored to each individual recipient based on the data. This way, your direct marketing collateral stands out from the rest, generating much higher response rates. 

Our Testimonials

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Understanding customers in ways others don’t enables us to respond in ways others can’t.

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We help our clients navigate the complexities of marketing technology to enhance their customers’ experience.

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We create, produce and deliver promotional and essential communications across every channel.

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We securely archive all essential communications sent to customers, and can provide them with a portal to access these at any time.

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It’s no longer enough knowing who your customer is. Now, knowing when, where and how to connect with them is vital.

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