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10 Ways to Increase Sales Revenue with Mobile Coupons

Did you know that mobile coupons can increase retail sales and offer a tangible benefit to the user in the form of savings?

To stay ahead in the digital marketing game, it’s vital to know how to successfully incorporate mobile coupons into your online marketing strategy. Here are IVE’s top tips for using mobile coupons to drive revenue:

  1. Get your strategy and objectives right: Before you embark on any campaign, get your objectives and strategy clear. Some popular promotions include ‘buy one, get one free’ promotions, discounts, or something free like delivery.
  2. Build an opt-in list: Mobile coupons sent via SMS typically have a redemption rate of over 10%, so it’s important to build a large opt-in list. Use marketing campaigns in online and offline stores, social media, blogs, or app download promotions to achieve this.
  3. Understand your target market: Knowing who your market is and the right time to send them a message is crucial. Business hours usually work best, and for a weekend sale or service, consider sending mobile coupons to your target market on Friday and Saturday.
  4. Use both SMS and MMS, but keep your message simple: Both SMS and MMS offer a great way to deliver mobile coupons, but MMS costs more. Keep your message easy to read and action, and make sure the coupon states clearly what the offer is for. Include applicable terms and conditions and ensure the customer knows exactly how to use the coupon.
  5. Don’t forget to set an expiry date: Keep your offer within a specific timeframe and ensure the end date of the promotion is clearly visible on the coupon.
  6. Use apps to send coupons and collect data: Use an app to collect data on your consumers’ behavior, enabling you to send coupons personalized based on their profiles and purchase history.
  7. Use push notifications: By using beacon technologies, you can communicate with your customers based on their location. Almost 40% of mobile owners in the US access digital coupons via their smartphones or tablets, with almost 50% of these users wanting retailers to send them discount coupons when they are in the vicinity of a store.
  8. Offer rewards: Offer rewards to loyal customers and/or those who subscribe to your social media, and share their recent purchases with friends. This increases customer retention and can be made easier by using NFC, QR, and push notifications.
  9. Integrate social media: Add coupons to your social media, which can be redeemed online or in-store, and blog about promotions to ensure your customers get to hear about the latest deals. Post coupons to free coupon websites to reach even more people.
  10. Keep on top of the latest technologies: Keep up to date with the latest ways to pay, such as Applepay, and offer the fastest and easiest way to make a purchase. Place NFC stickers or QR codes in various locations around the store where customers can collect coupons and reward points.

Incorporating mobile coupons into your online marketing strategy is a must for any store or business looking to increase sales and grow their brand. Use these tips to create successful mobile coupon campaigns and drive revenue.

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