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How and Why You Should Convince Your Boss to Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_220261759If you’ve brought up the topic of integrating a content marketing strategy for your company, but have been rebuffed by your boss because they feel that content marketing is too expensive, time consuming, irrelevant or just a phase; don’t give up. As essential a tool as content marketing will be to businesses in 2021, getting a “no” from your boss should be considered the beginning of the conversation. Read on for a few marketer-to-marketer tips on selling your boss, or any major players in your company, on why they need to include producing content as an integral part of their 2021 marketing plans.

Convince your boss to buy what you’re selling – content marketing

If you want to convince a person of something, then you must first meet them where they are. Instead of wowing them with a beautiful presentation full of marketing jargon, first attempt to understand why your boss is so hesitant to implement content marketing. A great content strategy before you begin your pitch is to ask your boss to identify some of the biggest challenges in the business’ marketing and sales plan. Once you hear their concerns, you’ll be able to open up the lines of communication, swiftly dispelling their insecurities as you gain a better understanding of the problems that need to be solved. By doing so,  you will be better equipped  to prepare a pitch that directly addresses those problems and successfully explains how content marketing can be a part of the solution.

Just like you would a potential customer, what you are essentially trying to do is “sell” your boss on the idea of content marketing. In order to convince an uncertain or stubborn boss, you must use your smoothest sales skills. As a marketer, you know that customers want to know how a product will solve their problem or make their life easier. Focus less on the fundamental features of content marketing and more on how content marketing will help your boss do their job better. The key is to demonstrate clearly the benefits of content marketing in engaging your customer base, as well as the importance of developing a strategy for integrating it into their business.

Why your boss should care

Creating custom content for your business helps to establish your company’s authority. When you are willing to have a dialogue about your industry and drive conversations about the trends, issues, and changes going on within it, you establish credibility and build trust with both your existing and prospective customers. Content marketing is an important route to chartering leadership within your field.

If your company is in a niche that is less than sensational (read: boring), don’t despair. Instead of worrying that your business will have nothing entertaining to write about, focus on the competitive advantage of being the go-to brand that customers turn to when they need answers or information. If they are considering making a purchase, the benefits of being the one company that engages their customers can be the difference between abandonment and conversion.

Why you should care that your boss cares

Producing content provides accurate marketing ROI measuring statistics, helps to improve your company’s top line, opens the door to stronger customer loyalty, and positions your brand as an authority figurehead within your industry. However, the most important thing to remember about content marketing is this: the transition to companies relying heavily on content as a large part of their marketing plan is a trending and inevitable shift, which businesses will have to get behind sooner or later. Convincing your boss to buy in not only positions your company ahead of the pack, it’s also going to showcase your  finger-on-the-pulse marketing skills and highlight the value and expertise you bring to the company. When your enterprise starts reaping the many benefits of content marketing, make sure it’s you your boss is thanking.

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