How Document Storage Solutions Unlock Contact Centre Efficiency

Easy access to information is key to a well-functioning contact centre. At its worst, talking to customer service can feel like you’re going round in circles, dealing with representatives who have no knowledge of your situation or your previous interactions with the business. At its best, you can be amazed at how easily and efficiently your problems are solved.

The capacity for contact centre staff to quickly locate information relevant to the call is perhaps the most important contributing factor to the client’s experience. Implementing an efficient storage solution can radically improve the document retrieval process and enhance the overall operations of the contact centre. Here are a few ways your call centre might benefit:

Speed of access to customer information

Customers expect customer service representatives to be able to quickly find and absorb all information they’ve previously provided about their problem. They don’t want to be put on hold while imagining the staff member asking their colleagues if they know anything about them or trawling through documents trying to piece together the situation. Document storage solutions allow for the efficient digitisation of physical documents and storage in a centralised, easily searchable repository. This eliminates the need to seek out information in multiple digital or physical locations and streamlines the conversation with the customer.

Data security and compliance

With the increased attention on cyber-security, it’s critical that document storage processes within your contact centre are compliant with industry standards and government regulation, particularly if you’re handling sensitive customer data such as health records or financial information. A document storage solution such as SecurDocs ensures that you’re compliant with SOC Type 2, ISO9001 and ISO27001. These solutions provide robust access controls, data encryption, and audit trails, mitigating the risk of a data breach or a failed data privacy audit. These solutions can be adapted to the specific requirements of your organisation through custom data retention and disposal schedules and processes.

Improved data quality and reliability

Document storage solutions aim to minimise manual data entry, thereby reducing the likelihood of human error. Documents can be uploaded to the system with consistent metadata fields and data validation, diminishing the risk they’ll be misplaced or difficult to find. Maintaining high data integrity also ensures incorrect data isn’t shared with the customer.

CRM integration

Solutions like SecurDocs can be integrated with your CRM system, allowing for easy access to relevant information about the customer and their previous interactions with your organisation. Representatives can retrieve and update customer information as they’re on the call, and without having to switch between multiple systems. Having comprehensive customer information at the disposal of the agent ensures conversations benefit from all relevant context, and problems can be proactively and immediately addressed.

Customer convenience

Having a centralised, organised, and secure repository of documents allows you to easily share specific information with customers, or make all information and conversation records available to them. This makes future conversations easier and more efficient, while reassuring the customer that their problem is being handled in an efficient and professional manner.

The benefits of optimising contact centre operations through efficient document storage extend beyond simply enhancing the customer experience. It reduces wait times and handling times, allowing for cost savings, while also enabling staff to do their jobs more effectively. Ultimately an efficient contact centre makes for a happier customer base, a happier workforce, and a better bottom line, and improving your document storage processes is one of the most impactful ways of driving these efficiencies.

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