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How to Retain Customers with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing offers a unique opportunity to keep your customers engaged with your brand on a personal level. However, it’s important to develop campaigns tailored to the mobile platform to avoid creating a flop in response rate and brand reputation. Here are some tips to help you retain your customers through mobile marketing:

  1. Develop for the medium: Take advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile technology to connect with people on the go. Treating your mobile campaign the same as an online or physical one will not be as effective in building consumer interest.
  2. Use what you have: Utilize the ability to play music, audio, and video and use interactive panels to showcase your product. QR codes direct consumers to the content you want them to see, coming from a physical object such as a billboard, flyer or an advert in a magazine.
  3. Don’t be intrusive: Drop the intrusion, especially for repeat customers, and come up with a friendlier way to drive sales that is relevant to the customer.
  4. Give users a reason: Clearly define why customers are coming back to you and not your competitors. Provide incentives such as hourly currency bonuses or in-game rewards to keep people logging in and engaging with the product.
  5. Make it easy for users: Don’t make people jump through hoops to download your app or receive the service. Make your marketing an intrinsic part of the user’s routine.
  6. From the horse’s mouth: Receive user feedback, respond to comments with updates, and listen to your customers. Keep a log of common complaints or criticisms to rectify issues and retain engaged customers.

Remember, it’s more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Keep them engaged with your brand through effective mobile marketing campaigns.

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