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Personalisation Powers Loyalty: The Transformative Tech Investment

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the allure of personalised experiences is undeniable. But what compels brands to invest in technology that fuels personalisation? Let’s delve into the fascinating narrative behind these compelling statistics, exploring why personalisation is the heart of customer loyalty and how IVE can help your business succeed in this transformative journey.

1. Positive Experiences Forge Unbreakable Bonds

Imagine a customer’s delight when their online shopping journey is not just seamless but also personalised to their preferences. It’s this magic moment that fosters an unbreakable bond. When 36% of customers return to a brand due to positive experiences, even if cheaper alternatives beckon, it’s the technology-driven personalisation that makes the brand unforgettable (Segment). At IVE, we can help you craft these delightful experiences at every touchpoint.

2. From Shoppers to Loyal Advocates

Picture this: a shopper receives a personalised recommendation based on their previous purchases. They not only make another purchase but also become a loyal advocate for the brand. Today, 60% of shoppers believe they’ll become repeat buyers after a personalised shopping experience, marking a significant jump from the 44% in 2017 (Segment). With IVE’s solutions, we empower you to turn shoppers into brand advocates effortlessly.

3. Customers Yearn for Personalisation

In a world flooded with generic messages, customers crave personalisation. They actively seek experiences tailored to their tastes and preferences. A staggering 71% of customers yearn for personalised interactions, and 76% feel frustration when these expectations aren’t met (McKinsey). IVE’s expertise ensures that your personalised messages hit the mark every time.

4. The Cost of Ignoring Personalisation

Consider this scenario: a brand fails to provide personalised experiences, and customers take their business elsewhere. The cost? A substantial 45% of customers would switch to competitors (Segment). IVE’s solutions are your shield against this customer exodus.

5. Messages That Resonate

Imagine receiving a message that speaks directly to your needs and preferences. It’s a message that not only influences your consideration of a brand but also fosters a deep desire to repurchase. An astounding 76% of customers believe that personalised messages are essential, and 78% confess that such communication makes them more willing to repurchase (McKinsey). IVE can help empower you to craft messages that resonate deeply with your audience.

6. Tailoring for Loyalty

Envision a world where frequent shoppers are committed exclusively to businesses that tailor their experiences. For 80% of these shoppers, it’s a reality. They insist on doing business with brands that prioritise personalisation, forging loyalty that stands the test of time (SmarterHQ). IVE’s solutions provide you with the tools to exceed these loyalty expectations.

7. The Desire for Personalisation

The desire for personalisation runs deep within customers. It’s not merely a preference; it’s a compelling need. A staggering 80% of customers are more inclined to engage with organisations that offer tailored experiences, and 90% express a resounding desire for personalisation (Epsilon). IVE can help you meet and exceed these desires, setting you apart in the market.

8. Recommendations That Resonate

Imagine a website that recommends products you didn’t even know you wanted but now can’t resist. It’s this level of personalisation that keeps customers coming back. In fact, 56% of online customers are more likely to return to websites offering product recommendations (Invesp). At IVE we can enable you to provide these irresistible recommendations.

9. The Amazon Effect

The impact of failing to deliver relevant product recommendations is stark. When online merchants fall short, 47% of customers don’t hesitate to migrate to the e-commerce giant, Amazon (SmarterHQ). With IVE’s CCM solutions, you can ensure that your recommendations match and surpass those of Amazon.

10. Personalisation: The Purchase Catalyst

Finally, think about this: as a buyer, you’re seeking a product online. You land on a website, but the content isn’t personalised to your needs. It’s a turn-off. A staggering 66% of buyers agree that seeing non-personalised content would deter them from making a purchase (Adobe). IVE’s solutions ensure that your content is always personalised, captivating your customers and encouraging purchases.

The narrative is clear: investing in technology that empowers personalisation is not just a choice; it’s an imperative. It’s the technology that transforms transactions into relationships, and customers into loyal advocates. In today’s dynamic marketplace, it’s the tech-driven personalisation that fuels growth and keeps brands ahead of the curve. With IVE, you have a partner that understands the power of personalisation and can guide you towards unparalleled success in loyalty marketing.

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