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Why Small Data is the Big Deal in Marketing

In today’s data-driven marketing world, big data often dominates the conversation. But when it comes to understanding consumers on an individual level, it’s small data that truly matters. Here’s why small data should be on every marketer’s radar:

  1. Think like a consumer: To truly understand consumers, marketers need to put themselves in their shoes. Small data provides the insights needed to understand consumers on an individual level.
  2. Big data is difficult: Managing big data can be complex and difficult, which makes it challenging for marketers to extract insights and take action.
  3. We can’t see into the future: Predicting future behaviour based on past behaviour is not always accurate, especially in today’s fast-moving age. Small data is collected in real-time and is more reflective of current consumer behaviour.
  4. Small data is everywhere: Social media provides a rich source of small data that can help businesses better understand consumers’ changing needs and behavior. It’s more accessible and easier to analyze.
  5. Data-driven marketing is the new black: Marketing is no longer just a creative industry. It’s become a science, driven by data and consumer insights.
  6. ROI rules: Small data enables marketers to measure ROI accurately, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent is accounted for.
  7. Less is more: Mass marketing is no longer effective. To cut through the noise and connect with consumers on an individual level, marketers need to use small data to create personalized, meaningful campaigns.

In conclusion, big data has its place in marketing, but it’s small data that provides the insights and understanding needed to connect with consumers on an individual level. As marketing continues to evolve, small data is becoming increasingly important and should be a priority for every marketer.

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