Australia’s largest building and construction supplier – Inbound Project

Australia’s largest building and construction supplier – Inbound Project


As Australia’s largest building and construction materials supplier with operations in all states and territories. Our client provides materials such as concrete, asphalt, bricks, plasterboard, timber, roof tiles, window and masonry. We partnered with them to provide multiple inbound services such as; document sort and preparation, data extraction and Proof of Delivery (POD) verification of dockets for each of its business units.


Confirming receipt of goods as well as proof of delivery invoices of materials on a daily basis is paramount to the business and is a key component in their verification process. This process can face possible complexities such as;

  • Slow manual process
  • High costs
  • Room for error and duplications
  • Vital information missing from dockets and invoices
  • Delivering over 10,000 scanned PODs every 24 hours


With the knowledge of our clients business rules and deliverables, Blue Star DIRECT successfully implemented an inbound strategy, going above and beyond – meeting next day SLA deliverables. All documents are scanned, images are verified using automated and manual intervention, and transferred to them for electronic archival. This process is conducted across the three Blue Star DIRECT sites in QLD, VIC and NSW.


Blue Star DIRECT have extinguished our clients pain points and challenges with this project and have delivered a highly automated, instant and efficient result.

  • Hardcopy documents are couriered each day to Blue Star DIRECT’s processing sites in QLD, VIC and NSW
  • Blue Star DIRECT receipts, sorts and prepares for scanning, data capture and verification
  • Multiple Data fields are captured, with data capture accuracy being a Key Performance Indicator of our Service Level Agreement
  • Blue Star DIRECT transfer images and associated meta data back to the client via Secure FTP for digital archive and retrieval
  • Blue Star DIRECT securely stores all PODs for up to three months before secure destruction

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