Regional Council Digitisation

Regional Council Digitisation


In 2013, our Council client introduced a Digitisation Disposal Policy to drive digitisation and subsequent disposal of paper based records held by the Council. This equated to approximately 55,000 paper files held in storage which need to be transferred to digital storage. The Digitisation of records will vastly improve customer experience, significantly reducing the retrieval time for documents as they are requested.


The 55,000 paper files consist of different sizes from A4 to larger formats and many are stapled so the project is labour intensive. Strict privacy requirements need to be adhered to at all times, the content of the documents is highly confidential information.


Blue Star DIRECT securely transferred the files from Council premises and a robust system was put in place for tracking, indexing and validation.

Each file is allocated to a uniquely bar-coded box labelled for identifying, tracking and end-to-end reconciliation. Blue Star DIRECT store the files securely with access limited to senior members of the Blue Star DIRECT team working on the project.

On collection and receipt of the boxes within our facility, the document preparation team log the contents of every box and file to provide end-to-end audit control allowing full traceability and ownership.

Every file is carefully prepared for the scanning process including the removal of staples and paperclips before transportation to the secure scanning room. Two high volume scanners are used to provide the optimum levels of image quality and enhancements.

Upon completion and output of each scanned batch an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process is performed on each image which captures the index fields and produces PDFs. Finally, with approval from the Council, Blue Star DIRECT securely destroyed all hard copies.


  • The project is ongoing but Blue Star DIRECT consistently meet the weekly target of records to be digitised
  • Week on week, the Council is provided with an index file of the plans to track and retrieve documents as they’re uploaded
  • Blue Star DIRECT is on track to complete to project within the specified timeframe of three years

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