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Customer Experience Management

A Customer Experience Management strategy enables greater customer retention and acquisition, and positive commercial benefits realised through greater revenue, cost-efficiency, compliancy, data-security, or continuous improvements from all of these measures.

In recent years, Customer Experience Management (CXM) has becoming increasingly accepted as critical to providing a competive advantage to your business success. Regardless of your business size, customer expectations are becoming increasingly demanding. How businesses evolve their approach to maintain a positive experience at every touchpoint determines their ongoing success.

Customer experience and strategies to build trust and engagement with customers has evolved from “need-to” and fragmented ownership, to highly personalised and often digitally enabled customer-centric workflows with measures against key deliverables and defined outcomes. 

Gartner defines Customer Experience as “the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by one off and cumulative effect of interactions with a brands employees, systems, channels or products.”