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Essential Mail

IVE high-speed colour technology brings your data to life. IVE will send a clear message to your customers wherever they are. 

Physical Bills and Document Receive
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The IVE Advantage gives you the best of both worlds – physical and digital – your customers can now receive bills and documents via their channel of choice.

Your billing processes will be more cost-effective, faster and easier. Using secure data transfer you quickly transmit your customer information to our secure servers for processing any time of day. Your data is converted into customised, well-designed, easy-to-read statements and invoices. And IVE high-speed colour print technology allows you to highlight variable data and advertise on your documents, all in full colour. Also, utilising our full-colour technology you can print your bills on plain paper – eliminating the need and cost of pre-printed stock. Your customers receive their essential financial documents in the format that suits them – in the mail or securely online.

All this means your payments will be received sooner, because the process is efficiently aligned with your customers’ needs

Every document is tracked through the entire production process. An image of each document is captured and it is marked with the time and date for proof of mailing. And our experienced account management team will report and give you full transparency on where your documents are in the production process, so you’ll always be able to keep track of things.

You can safely access you billing documents by logging into Securdocs™ and quickly answer any customer enquiries on transactions, and your customers will notice the improved customer service. You save days on the traditional mail lodgement with IVE Next Day Business Service. All your critical documents can be created and in the mail by next business day, without the usual hassles or expenses.

It’s another reason why major Australian brands use IVE for their essential mail.

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